Eagle Eye Imaging offers thousands of high quality, HD wildlife and pet clips for commercial licensing at Pond 5 and Shutterstock. Among our most popular categories are kittens on an isolated white background and our collection of white-tailed deer demonstrating rut behavior.

      We recently began shooting primarily in 4K, which allows for much higher image resolution than HD, allowing for crisp, life-like footage with vivid color.

      To view and purchase footage, visit one of the following online stock galleries

            - Pond5 (4K and HD)

            - Shutterstock (4K and HD)

            - Istockphoto (4K only)

            - Fotolia (HD only)

To view a sample of 4k footage, click on the clip below. Be sure to set the Youtube resolution to 4K.

4K Footage - Rocky Mountain National Park

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